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Artist Statement

My work juxtaposes traditional textile methods and materials with contemporary painterly elements and colours, uniting the traditional and the modern in a challenging construct.


The work utilises abstract forms, and relates to the continual tension between order and disorder, control and chaos. It expresses the implicit tension of contemporary life, where the modern, the structured exists in constant struggle with the fluid and the natural.


While abstract, the work is strongly influenced by the South coast of Ireland and the colours and forms of that landscape.  I have been exploring this theme in my practice over the last number of years, and I am currently working on my ‘Substrate’ series of paintings, mixed media and textile sculptural pieces. I am interested in the combination of paint, canvas  and textiles and I use a range of media and techniques to best capture the essence of these natural forces and the changing nature of the South Coast light.


My work is held in collections in Ireland, the UK, the US and New Zealand. I am the mother of three daughters, and I am a community medical doctor.

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